New Spot, New Year

Posted on the couch, a week deep into living in my first apartment.

So far, great. Music set up is really nice, I have my own room, everything seems aligned quite nicely to have a year of creativity.

more music, more radio, more writing, just more doing – super excited

there’s nothin to it but to do it

September 4, 2017

Coffee House

Currently writing this from a coffee house in deep hollywood posted faded in a corner.

Pissed that I haven’t been writing on this consistently, just cringed hard when writing my first post and it was difficult to recover. Gotta exercise the don’t give a fuck muscle as much as possible even if it causes foul moments of cringe disgust.

Reconnected with Taylor today and had a beauty of a dinner. So important to keep the real ones around.

life’s too short to not be happy

August 7, 2017



First Post – Fuck it

Well, I guess I’m a blogger beast now. 

I’m happy I finally did this. I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a long time but have been a bit too puss. Not afraid, just generally apathetic, telling myself I’d do it and just kinda not.

So,  why am I doing this ? – 


  • I’ve always liked to write and I want to write more. 

Organizing my Thoughts 

  • I feel like as of today my range of opinions and thoughts are so varied and dispersed that I actually don’t really know what I believe. I mean, I’m still figuring it out obviously I’m still pretty young, what I believe will probably be constantly changing for me for a long time. Which is a tad annoying, but cool too. But having an actual outlet that I can write to and mentally work through a lot of the ideas I think about seems like it could be helpful, and again, fun.  


  • I want to hold myself accountable to do something consistently. I suck penis at consistency. Consistency is the hardest part about really executing properly. 

That’s it, 

first blog folks 

July 11, 2017 

8:23 PM